He was awakened by a sensation of a gaping wound, a void somewhere in his chest, as if part of him had been carved out by a rude bumbling self-taught surgeon, a vile rascal robber of sleepers, and was about to be brought under the hammer at auction...
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A photobook has been published by Dostoevsky Publishing in February 2019.
ISBN 978-94-93069-00-8 :: 500 copies (100-150 copies with Russian translation) :: manually finished and signed at Paper Fetish Art residency :: sizes 23x18.5x2.5 cm :: weight 600 g :: 128 pages (64 color + 64 duotone pages) :: open binding, double spine :: hard cover :: printed and binded by Graphius (Oostakker, Belgium).
Improvised musical preview:
List of exhibitions and book fares:
23/10-04/11/2019 Presence || 19-20/10/2019 Photobookzineprintpressfest || 19/10/2019 Antwerp Academy Art Book Fare || 20-22/09/2019 Unseen || 09-15/09/2019 NIDA Symposium || 07-11/08/2019 Photoparade Uglich XIII || 13/06-28/07/2019 Athens Photo Festival || 26-27/04/2019 Photobooks Switzerland || 29-31/03/2019 Hong Kong Photobook Fare || 23-24/03/2019 Foto Wien

The photobook is available in stores:
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